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Publié à l’origine le 4 décembre 2011 à l’adresse suivante

Press release

Documentary “The Wall: psychoanalysis put to the test for autism” threatened of censorship

Simultaneous rallies on December, 8th

in Paris and Lille

You can follow in live this event here ;

In support of documentary filmmaker Sophie Robert, autistic people, families affected by autism, professionals and supporters from all backgrounds are invited to rally us on
December 8
th, 2PM :

  • In Paris – 1 Rue Huysmans 75006, in front of the School of the Freudian

  • In Lille – 13, avenue du Peuple Belge, in front of the Regional Court

Sophie Robert has conducted a four-year investigation among more than fifty experts (including two ethologists, two anthropologists, two criminologists, a PhD in Philosophy, a theologist and 45
psychoanalysts). The aim was to create a series of programmes to decipher today’s psychoanalytic theories to the general public. “The Wall” is the first programme of this series.

The Wall” has been
webcasted on Autistes Sans Frontières’ website since September 7
th, 2011. It also has been
allowed on a multitude of French and foreign websites.

The film presents psychoanalytic theories on autism, and more particularly its
origin. The interviewed psychoanalysts’ statements on the mother’s responsibility deeply upset the general audience: the “sexually pathogenic” woman, the “incestuous”, “deadly” mother, who is
“either too cold, or too warm”…

On October 24th, three interviewed psychoanalysts, all members of the
School of the Freudian Cause, have sued Sophie Robert and association Autistes Sans Frontières. They request the enormous sum of 290 000€ in damages, but they also request the film to be censored.

On November 29th, the judge seized the copies of all the recordings of the
complainants’ interviews.

On December 8th, the case will be tried on its merits in the Lille Regional

Parents are particularly affected by this film. They can hear the very words that had been said before them, and still are nowadays. Their speeches “make parents feel guilty, deny their children
any possibility of progressing and very often ignore, or strongly discourage parents to try any other therapeutic care, even when these cares prove to be efficient anywhere else worldwide, and
are accepted unanimously.

Many families, their relatives, but also students, French and foreign professionals, who are involved in autism therapy, express every day their support to Sophie Robert, to have her film
maintained and screened on other networking communication media than internet.

For the freedom of speech and opinion

For the freedom of the press

For the freedom to choose our children’s therapeutic and educational care

For all people with autism

We urge to join together on December 8th, 2011

We urge everybody to support Sophie Robert and her documentary

The reflection of a terrible, and yet still too little known reality

Rally in Paris : contact Béatrice Bolling, 06 88 24 64 14,

Rally in Lille : contact Arnaud Ribert, 06 77 14 78 13,

Furthermore informations and press review translated into english have been collected in this page

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